Product-Market Fit: how to find your target user @ The Gradient, Львів [14 сентября]

Product-Market Fit: how to find your target user

10:00 - 16:00

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The Gradient
Henerala Chuprynky 67, Lviv, Ukraine
The How-To Workshop on Finding Product-Market Fit.
How to stop building products “for everyone” and find “your customer”

In this workshop, Yaroslav Stepanenko and Pavlo Pedenko will teach you a simple but highly effective process for achieving product/market fit.

What You Learn:

* What is Product — Market Fit and Product — Problem Fit
* Why you have to have it
* How to understand what value we create and what we have to create
* How to get meaningful insights from your users
* How to create detailed Buyer Personas
* How user stories have to be communicated to the entire product team

This interactive workshop will be filled with practical exercises, real-life examples, and case studies. After the workshop you’ll be armed with pragmatic advice and tools you can put to work to promote your product/app.

Yaroslav Stepanenko
PhD., marketing and customer acquisition professional with 10+ years experience in developing and executing marketing programs for SaaS businesses.

Now he works for MacPaw, one of the most successful Mac software developers, on a product called Setapp.

Pavlo Pedenko is the Product Manager at, the consumer product of the year according to Product Hunt. is a fast growing SaaS business that was launched by MacPaw in 2017. Currently, Setapp has 16k paying customers and $1.6m ARR.
Pavlo drives ProductTank Kyiv community, organizes ProductHunt meetups in Kyiv, and mentors startups at Google Launchpad Accelerator program. Prior to MacPaw, Pavlo led product management and engineering team in the biggest Ukrainian media company. Pavlo was an event producer of Media Hack Weekend — the biggest hackathon in Central Eastern Europe.
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