Product Management and Business Development: Pricing @ The Gradient, Львів [26 мая]

Product Management and Business Development: Pricing

10:00 - 17:00

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The Gradient
Henerala Chuprynky 67, Lviv, Ukraine
The problem within Lviv IT branch is that companies are struggling with challenges on how to bring more value to the client and thus to put higher price. Generally, question is even more simple: how to price the services and products we do? How to make sure we are not scaring client with our prices and at the same time we take all money from the table?

Speaker — Roman Pavlyuk, Solution Leader at SoftServe.

Workshop goals:
◦ Learn what is product price
◦ Getting familiar with pricing strategies
◦ Improve pricing strategy, bring more value and thus selling them for a much higher price
◦ Be ready to use gained knowledge on new coming projects during the pre-sales

◦ Strong understanding what is value, ...price, market, pricing strategy etc.
◦ Practical techniques on how to put an optimal price
◦ Business development skills that are based on Pragmatic approach
◦ Practical cases and exercises

About Speaker
It has been over 15 years since I started working in IT as Architect, Project and Product Manager.

Currently, I am Solution Leader at SoftServe. I have completed a dozen of complicated product development projects providing turnkey solutions for the customer. My strong areas are enterprise solution and product management, coordination and management of the team which follows iterative development process, design of highly productive data processing systems, SaaS/Cloud application implementation, and organization of the configuration management process for SaaS-oriented solutions.

I always prefer using innovative, or even non-standard approaches, to get the desired result. It has always been a great pleasure to share my experience with other people. I am an active trainer of several programs at SoftServe related to leadership development, personal development, and professional growth.
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